Channel Your Business

Picking up from last week’s blog post, now that you’ve read and seen the benefits that video marketing on YouTube can bring, we’ll delve a little deeper into how you can produce your own videos. We’ll also go over the benefits of organizing your videos onto a YouTube channel. The thought of maintaining your own […]

Put the “You” in YouTube

You know YouTube, right? It’s where you watch the latest viral video, your friend’s daughter’s dance recital, amateur cell phone video of the latest natural disaster… but it’s so much more than a home for entertaining videos. It’s an important business tool. It’s a way to improve search engine optimization (SEO). It’s a brand-strengthening platform. […]

Quit the Cold Calling!

There’s a reason telemarketers became targets for the government and the public at large – people don’t like cold calls. What was once a valuable sales tool is now widely viewed as an intrusion. While many services will continue to offer real estate companies call lists and scripts for cold calling, the fact is that […]

Pin Like a Pro!

Don’t discount Pinterest for business uses – it may not have the functionality of Facebook or the popularity of Twitter, but it’s a social media site that’s exploding in usage. As of April 2014, Pinterest has more than 70 million users, 30 billion pins, drives more referral traffic than Twitter and boasts a 27 percent […]