Have You Implemented a Thorough SEO Strategy?

Home buyers have an unprecedented amount of information at their fingertips. Computers, tablets, and mobile devices all make home listings instantly available. With such access, search engine optimization (SEO) is an increasingly vital strategy for cultivating qualified leads with a high conversion potential. Currently, 90% of home buyers rely on the internet as their primary […]

Competing for Your Online ‘Share of Voice’

  As our industry and the professionals who service it take an overall look at their overall marketing mix, and in particular their online marketing strategies and tactics, Cerulean Media is proud to provide key data and insights on how real estate professionals may better position themselves online through papers like the one we are […]

Are You Missing the Boat With Mobile Marketing?

Like it or not, smartphones are taking over the planet. In case you hadn’t noticed (perhaps you had your nose has been pressed to your own smartphone?) or if you just like trivia, here are some stats for you: 33 percent of adults use their smartphones while on dinner dates 35 percent use them in […]