Are You Missing the Boat With Mobile Marketing?


Like it or not, smartphones are taking over the planet. In case you hadn’t noticed (perhaps you had your nose has been pressed to your own smartphone?) or if you just like trivia, here are some stats for you:

  • 33 percent of adults use their smartphones while on dinner dates
  • 35 percent use them in movies
  • 19 percent use them in church
  • 12 percent use smartphones in the shower

You may not appreciate the intrusions smartphones have made in our daily lives, but there is no denying the fact that if you’re not involved with mobile marketing, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity for lead generation. Because if people are going to look at their smartphone while they’re showering, driving, out to dinner… they might as well be learning about you and your excellent service!

Let’s examine some potential ways to make your marketing messages mobile:

Mobilize your Website

A good first step in mobilizing your marketing, get in touch with your company’s current webmaster and determine how “mobile friendly” your current website is.  Visit your own site from your own smartphone, and maybe check it out on a couple of other brands of smartphone. How does it look on the smaller screen? Does it function the way you want? Make sure to check your site on some tablets, too – those Notes and iPads are surging in popularity (tablets are expected to make up half of all personal computers sold in 2014!). Simply by optimizing your desktop site for the mobile web can improve your company’s visibility for mobile web browsing.

Look into tools like Mobify, Wirenode or Mippin to create a mobile website for your company. They have services at low or no cost, depending on how much functionality and support you want with it. By creating a mobile version of your website, you ensure consistency of branding, messaging and are ensuring that your clients and potential clients are seeing the site just as you want them to.


The “Haps” with Aps

Mobile aps are another way to effectively reach your target through mobile marketing. Aps designed specifically for smartphones and tablets offer more responsive designs, intelligent adjustments and are built based on recognized viewing formats.

Some real estate professionals may view real estate aps like Zillow, Trulia and Homesnap as competition. There are plenty of people who think that these aps can replace a good agent. They’re wrong. These aps may educate users on the market like never before, but your services, your experience and your knowledge supersedes a simple mobile ap.

You can actually put those existing real estate aps to work for you. Simply by making sure your listings are available on these sites and aps, they will be easier to find. It’s an inexpensive and effective way to piggyback on sites and aps that are already tremendously popular. There are also syndication providers you might consider, such as Point2Agent, ListHub and Postlets.

Seven percent of all businesses that maintain an online presence use aps exclusively. Twenty-one percent use aps paired with a mobile site. Integrating an ap with your website can be very effective and help you broaden your reach when seeking new clients.


Learn Textspeak

Another, more direct tech tactic is text marketing. Texting isn’t just for kids – it can be a quick and easy way to enter the realm of mobile marketing. Texting is also known as SMS, or short messaging service, and it can be a very effective way to connect homebuyers instantly with property information. After all, they don’t have to search for you – you’re connecting directly with them! SMS allows for instant updates for you and your subscribers without having to format an email or call anyone.

There are several SMS services that will provide your clients and prospects with the ability to receive property updates quickly and efficiently. Some brokerages and MLS boards already provide this feature, so be sure to coordinate with your IT department before you pay for a service that may already be available to you.

Some SMS providers to investigate: DriveBuy Technologies, GoomZee, House4Cell, MyCityPhone


The ABCs of PPC

Pay-per-click, or PPC, campaigns are a fast and cost-effective way to bring new eyes to your business. When online users perform an internet search, the results are assessed and ranked, with the closest match appearing at the top of the results page. PPC ads appear alongside the search results. Advertising in this way allows you to connect with customers at the precise moment they are searching for your services. So it’s just as easy to click to the advertiser’s site as it is to click on the search results. And, just as the name indicates, you only pay for the customers who click through to your site.

You can learn more about PPC or start the purchasing process through Google AdWords and the Yahoo Bing network.

Good real estate professionals should want to use every avenue available to them to generate new leads. Determining the best mobile marketing mix for your business could take some trial and error, but reaching more people and putting your listings directly into the hands of potential clients will help you close more deals.

Another step to consider for making your marketing mix more high-tech: consult with a real estate marketing firm. We can help you find the right marketing plan combining web, mobile marketing, print, mailers, flyers – all specified for your targets and your budget.


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