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Picking up from last week’s blog post, now that you’ve read and seen the benefits that video marketing on YouTube can bring, we’ll delve a little deeper into how you can produce your own videos. We’ll also go over the benefits of organizing your videos onto a YouTube channel.

The thought of maintaining your own video channel and producing your own video can be intimidating, but no one expects you to be Steven Spielberg. Some suggestions for getting your video library going:

  • Buy an HD handicam (Kodak makes several very affordable models)
  • When shooting, hold the camera as steady as possible with both hands – use the palm of one hand to cradle the camera with the other one holding it.
  • Move it! Don’t stand still for your shots – pan your camera across the rooms as you narrate and describe the features. Tilt from ceiling to floor. Walk through the rooms to show the flow of the floor plan. You are enabling potential buyers to take a house tour without having to drive anywhere.
  • If you are narrating your video tour, make sure the area is quiet and that you speak loudly and clearly. Internal microphones on video cameras are notoriously poor. You might even consider a wireless microphone that you can attach to the camera and use hands-free. There are several wireless microphones available on in the $100-range.
  • Handi-cams come with their own rudimentary editing program. It’s called “Arcshoft Media Impression” and it should upload the first time you connect the camera to your computer’s USB port.
  • After your editing system has uploaded, leave your camera plugged into your computer and upload the clips you shot. You will soon see how easy it is to edit a video. The editing programs come with tutorials provided, or you can learn how to edit on (assuming you’re using that system) or see a demonstration on YouTube at

Viola! You’ve produced a marketing video! Will it win awards or earn you a spot on the red carpet? Doubtful. But it will give a more thorough representation of your listings than a still shot will. If you still feel reticent or ill-qualified to shoot the video yourself, videographers will often work with you on costs for on-going projects. Check some sites like or to research videography rates in your area – and make sure they will edit your videos as well.



After your video is uploaded, you should start integrating your keywords – keywords in the video title, keywords in the videos’ description, keywords in the tags and so on. This will help your SEO.

Once you’ve got a video or two completed, it’s time to set up your YouTube channel. You don’t want to just put your videos onto YouTube – it’s important to create a channel to serve as a repository for all of your company’s videos. A channel also enhances brand and SEO. YouTube’s channel setup guide has step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. You can use some YouTube default graphics, or use their guidelines to embed your own logo and wallpaper (similar to the logo and wallpaper you’d use for a Facebook page). When you have a video, channel and playlist all with your company name and logo, your SEO is enriched. Inside your channel, you can create playlists that will load automatically back-to-back for the viewer. You can name these playlists as well, and group them any way you like – by location, price, webinars, tutorials, etc.

A robust YouTube channel can improve business, separate you from your competitors and really boost your company’s online presence.  It’s a next-level marketing strategy compared to the photo-sharing sites. Plus, many people find producing videos is just fun!

Along with video listings, consider neighborhood tours, building features, community elements, agent profiles, renovation ideas and a video about your company. Use your computer’s webcam to record webinars about buying a home, lease-to-own advice, how short sales work and other topics of interest to your target.



After your videos are uploaded, you can use the “share” functions on YouTube to embed your videos in other social media, paste the link into your email marketing and place the videos in your blog posts. The videos should also link back to your home page.

There may be many more marketing, digital sales and social media options you haven’t considered, and many of them may be more accessible and affordable than you’d guess. For an even wider array of options, contact us for some more ideas, a more concise marketing strategy or a more robust plan.


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